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Testimonials from our students

Raelene Malson - Mia

                             "I highly highly highly highly recommend this company!!! These ladies are absolutely                                                             amazing!  Our first night training my poor dog hid under a chair. By the end of the 6                                                                   weeks she was allowing a few people to touch her, she was wagging her tail, and very                                                           interested in making new friends with the other dogs. The trainers were very                                                                               understanding and patient with Mia and I and never forced me to force her to do                                                                       anything. She is not completely trained however the confidence she has gained has                                                                 made a tremendous difference which is making home training much easier. I feel the                                                             price for this class was very much worth it!"

Deidra Homann - Lakota

                            "Solid step by step basic obedience class. Well explained. MUCH better to learn the                                                                 how's and why's so that one can continue training as it certainly isn't an overnight                                                                     event. Lakota is WAY better at not counter surfing and less compulsive."




Stasia Huffer - Haven


                                                              "I rescued my puppy at 6 months old from an abusive home. She came to me                                                                              not knowing a single thing. No commands, not knowing the name they gave                                                                                her, not knowing how to walk on a leash properly, no manners and no trust. I am                                                                        a first time dog owner and had no clue what I was doing or how to fix these                                                                                  behaviors. Over the first two months coming to puppy class and drop ins we                                                                                have establish and accomplish so much. We have accomplished recall, our new                                                                        name, sit, lay down, roll over, shake, paws up and under, sit pretty, walking on a                                                                          leash probably, wait and release, her marker word and not stealing food out of                                                                          my hand anymore. Her trust issues and our bound as gotten so much better and                                                                        lastly knowing how to socialize properly. Theses trainers are the best and I                                                                                  would highly recommend theses ladies. They know what they are doing and can                                                                       help you accomplish so many things even if it's a puppy or not!! They have so                                                                             many different things to offer so your dog can continue to learn new things                                                                                 everyday."

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