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First ever

K9 Frisbee

 information about toss & fetch!

This is more of the in depth rules. Luckily, Toss & Fetch is very simple! If you ever have any questions just ask the team captain! Also, make sure to join our Facebook page to stay up to date on all the details!

The short rules:
Each season is 5 weeks long. The upcoming season starts June 9th and the cost to play is $25 for the season and $10 for each additional dog (cash, check or card). This covers: field fees, insurance, and an awesome Toss and Fetch patch for the season! Please bring a crate for your dog to be in while you wait your turn (or you can keep your dog on lead). There will only be one dog off leash at a time.

Other things to bring:

  • Water for you and your dog 

  • Your dogs favorite frisbee.   

  • A chair for yourself.               

Come ready to have some fun!!!


The object of K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is to complete as many catches as possible, in bounds and within the Scoring Zones in the time allotted.

  • Each Team plays two Toss & Fetch rounds per week.

    • Regular 60-Second Season: In a "regular" season, Teams play two (2) sixty-second (:60) rounds per week and all catches are scored.

    • 90:/5 Season: In a 90:/5 Season, Teams play two (2) ninety-second (:90) rounds per week but only the highest 5 catches per round are scored.

  • Teams can select either end of the field from which to play each round. However, once a round begins, all throws must be made from the same end of the field.

  • Teams may opt to take only one (1) practice throw with their dog before they begin each round. A Team can switch to a different end of the field after a practice throw, but they don’t get another practice throw from the new end.

  • DISCS:

    • Any recognized dog-safe disc is allowed, including floppies. Ring discs are not allowed. If in doubt, check with your Club Captain.

    • Lure discs are allowed, however only only one disc, the same disc, can be in play in a given round. If you're playing with a lure disc, try and make sure it's a different color then the disc in play.

    • Before a round begins, handlers may hand the Line Judge a back-up disc in the event a disc in play becomes unplayable. Handlers must hand the unplayable disc to the Line Judge to switch discs.

  • Both Handler & Dog must be completely behind the starting line before time begins.

  • When a Team signals it is ready to begin, the Line Judge will announce, “Ready, Set, GO.” Time begins on “GO” at which point the dog and disc can cross the starting line. During each Round, the Line Judge will indicate the time remaining by announcing “30 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TIME.”

  • Handlers may cross the starting line after and between each throw, to retrieve a disc, encourage their dog, etc., but they must return to make all throws from behind the starting line.

  • After time begins, dogs can be anywhere on the field and are no longer required to be behind the starting line.

  • We follow “the Line is Your Friend” rules whereby Teams score Points for each successful catch based on where the dog’s trailing paw lands for each catch.

    • A trailing paw on a Zone line earns the higher Zone.

    • At least one paw must land in bounds or on a sideline, otherwise a catch will be out-of-bounds and scored zero.

    • Points for each successful catch are awarded as follows:

  • Zone 1 (10 – 20 yards): 1 Point

  • Zone 2 (20 – 30 yards): 2 Points

  • Zone 3 (30 – 40 yards): 3 Points

  • Zone 4 (40 – 50 yards): 5 Points​

  • Any catches where all paws are past the 50 yard line will be scored out-of-bounds.

Air Bonus: An additional ½ Point Air Bonus is awarded for each leaping, jumping catch, determined by all four paws off the ground at the time, and then landing in a scoring Zone.

  • If a throw is released before the “T” in “time” is announced, a successful catch will be scored.

Close calls go to the Team.


Handlers will register and compete in one of the four Divisions based on their best dog's ability, for the length of each 5-Week League

  • Junior Handler: Anyone 13-years or under before the League Season begins.
    • Handler: Any novice or beginning Handler. Handlers who, with their top dog, typically scores less than 20 points in two rounds of play each week.

    • Master Handler: Handlers who, with their top dog, scores less than 32 points in two round of play each week. Handlers who cannot/no longer complete catches past 40 yards.

    • Expert Handler: Any Handler who, with their top dog, is capable of scoring 32 points or more in two rounds of play.

Junior Scoring (for all Handlers 13-years or younger):​

In an effort to reward success and encourage the little ones, in addition to the standard scoring zones (1, 2, 3 & 5), a catch in the 0 to 10 yard zone or anywhere out-of-bounds, will be awarded 1 Point, provided the throw was a good faith attempt to throw at least 10 yards. The “attempt” clause is added to avoid purposeful, short little tosses to rack up points.

Note: Short and out-of-bounds catches for Juniors do not qualify for an additional ½ point “air bonus.”

ROLLER Designation, Scoring & Rules

A Team that opts to play under the ROLLER designation must do so for an entire season and will not collect any handicap points.

Handlers who play with multiple dogs may designate one or all of their dogs as ROLLER Teams. Non-roller Teams will earn the appropriate handicap points for their Division.

All other Toss & Fetch rules apply for ROLLER Teams, accept for the ability to earn ½-point “air” bonuses.

In judging rollers, please follow these guidelines:

  • A roller is “live” and can be caught by the dog as long as the disc is rolling, in motion, when caught by the dog.

  • The disc is considered “dead” when the disc stops moving.

  • Regular Zone scoring applies, based on the dog's trailing paw when the roller is caught. At least one paw must be in-bounds to count, even if the disc has rolled out-of-bounds.

  • Judges will make the determination as to when a roller is “live” or “dead”. A roller too close to be called will be ruled in favor of the dog. Judges decisions are final.”


Have fun with your dog.

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